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Memorial Compass Rose

Virtual tour video Information is being provided to visitors of the Haley Memorial site and to visitors of the Foundation’s website. These virtual tour resources are being added in two phases.

During the month of July in 2016, Quick Response (QR) Codes are being added to the Haley Memorial to improve the quality of our visitors’ experiences. These QR Codes provide quick electronic access to interpretive descriptions and background information about the Haley Memorial. To access virtual tour video information contained within the QR Codes, all that is required by visitors to the Memorial is a QR Code Reader Application on the visitor’s mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, or other electronic devices). Using the QR Code Reader Application of your choice, scan the QR Codes at the Memorial and you will be directed to the corresponding virtual tour video.

The following virtual tour videos are currently available to Foundation website visitors, as well as to visitors of the Memorial.

  1. Memorial Introduction - QR Code is located at the Information Kiosk
  2. Compass Rose Descriptive Information - QR Code is located at the Information Kiosk
  3. Sculpture Grouping Descriptive Information - QR Code is located on the Memorial Bollard behind and to the right of the Haley Sculpture
  4. Story Wall and Leonard A. Blackshear Walk Descriptive Information - QR Code is located on the Leonard A. Blackshear tribute plaque, on the east-most end of the Story Wall

This virtual tour of the Haley Memorial and the addition of QR Codes to the Memorial allows the Foundation to provide information that is only second only to having an actual tour guide on hand.  QR Code will be available to visitors of the Memorial later in July 2016.