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The Artists


The combined talents of many fine artists and creators have resulted in a Memorial like no other.

Built to human scale, the Memorial’s sculptures, story wall, and granite-inlaid compass rose are both intimate and inclusive. Memorial elements embrace the waters of the Chesapeake Bay to touch distant shores and connect us to a broader world.

Dramatic lighting at night illuminates the Memorial – and so illuminates one family’s story representative of so many family stories.

The following artists had a primary role in the creation of the Memorial:

Site Design: Gary S. Schwerzler, interpretive architect;

Sculpture Group: Ed Dwight, internationally recognized sculptor from Denver, Colorado;

Story Wall: Peter D. Tasi, graphic designer of the bronze plaques;

Story Wall: Patricia Fisher McHold, sculptor/painter, and partner in the design and execution of the illustrative plaque borders;

Story Wall Narrative: Wiley A. Hall, 3rd, Executive Editor of the Afro-American Newspapers;

Information Stand: Peter D. Tasi, graphic designer;

Construction: Joe Baker, City of Annapolis; Fort Meyer Construction Company; Pagliaro Brothers Stone Company; and Signcraft, Inc.