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ResearchSculpture Group with Childen

The Foundation conducts and encourages education and research focusing on the history and culture of African Americans. One major emphasis is on uncovering stories and data about slave and free African Americans in Maryland prior to 1864, when slaves in the state were set free by State legislation. During slavery, Maryland had the largest number of free African Americans of any state in the union.


The historic preservation and interpretation of African-American sites is an important goal of the Foundation. To help accomplish this goal, the Foundation conducts activities that encourage dialogue on such sensitive topics as slavery. Such discussions include examining how sites and stories related to slavery should be interpreted not only for heritage preservation but also for building visitor awareness in Heritage Tourism.

By integrating African-American stories into existing site interpretations, this approach encourages a more authentic picture of history. It reveals African-American contributions to the unfolding history of the site and encourages people in such a way that will often reveal other African-American stories and sites that add to the body of resources that can be preserved.