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Roots Paperback

Roots, Hardcover Version
Alex Haley

Alex Haley’s Pulitizer prize-winning novel about the stories of his African ancestors has won the hearts of millions of people throughout the world. His quest to learn more about his heritage takes him from the West Coast of Africa in the 1750′s to the Henning, Tennessee porch of his grandmother in the first half of the twentieth century. Available online from Amazon.com  


Roots, DVD
Alex Haley
Executive Producer, David Wolper

This DVD version contains the entire 6-part mini-series on 3 discs. It includes digitally remastered images and audio from restored elements, and a behind-the-scenes documentary.Includes version in Spanish and also English versions with Spanish and French subtitles. Order online from Amazon.com.

Roots, VHS
Alex Haley

This 1977 version of the televsion mini-series includes a box set of 6 VHS tapes. Re-released on January 15, 2002. Order online from Amazon.com.

Roots Next Gen VHS

Roots – The Next Generation, VHS
Alex Haley

This 7-set boxed VHS series of tapes, which originally aired in 1979 as a sequel to Roots, was re-released on January 15, 2002. Order online from Amazon.com.

Queen, VHS
Alex Haley

Follow the story of Alex Haley’s paternal family ancestors in this 3-volume video set collection. Re-released on January 15, 2002. Order online from Amazon.com.

Mama Flora Paperback

Mama Flora’s Family
Alex Haley/David Stevens

The events in Mama Flora’s life span the years from 1912 to the modern era. The book, co-written by David Stevens after Haley’s death in 1992, follows the story of an African American girl born to a sharecroppping family in Mississippi, she later moves to Memphis, Tennessee, where her husband Booker, is killed by white landowners. The story continues with her son Willie growing up and fighting in World War II. Order online from Amazon.com.


Mama Flora’s Family, DVD
Alex Haley/David Stevens

Watch the story of Mama Flora’s Family unfold on this DVD version. Order online from Amazon.com.


Autobio Malcolm X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Paperback
Malcolm X/Alex Haley

Follow the life journey of a man who rises from despair to an ultimate spiritual awakening. He shares his personal story as an example for others. Order online from Amazon.com.

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